Are you an attorney who wants to make an impact on the world through your work? Are you a driven, self-starter who has a servant-leader heart? Are you interested in a non-traditional attorney position, where you engage with clients through the lens of customer service, rather than strictly through the lens of the law?

If you answered yes to the above, we invite you to L.I.V.E. your passion with us as one of our Customer Service Attorneys.

Our Customer Service Attorneys meet with clients and potential clients, help answer their questions and concerns about their eligibility for immigration relief, and ensure that the highest level of customer service is maintained. You will learn immigration law (or deepen your knowledge of it) on the job, under the direct supervision of our highly-experienced immigration lawyers. You will also undergo world-class customer service training during your first 90 days in the company.

Please note that this position and this law firm is not for everyone. If you don’t love everything in this ad, please don’t apply—you deserve to spend your working hours at a company that makes you feel completely alive; please don’t settle!

We help immigrants L.I.V.E. FREE. Here is how our values play a part in this job.
Live. We are a growing law firm with a passion for helping immigrants live completely free; we do family-based immigration and removal defense; we do not do any business/employer-based immigration, student visas, or tourist visas. We are looking for an organized, passionate attorney who likes to work hard by helping our incredible clients truly live, and in exchange, that attorney knows s/he will feel immeasurably fulfilled in his or her life.

Innovative. We are innovative, not only in the ways we serve our clients but in the way we have built our team and the way we support them through the ups and downs of immigration practice. To that end, we know what we’re looking for—and we know our ideal candidate does too!—and that’s someone who is creative, strategic, and passionate. If, however, if you’re just looking for a J.O.B.—a place where you can show up every day and get a paycheck—this isn’t the place for you. We are doing life-changing work and want someone who believes that his or her life’s work is meant for this cause! Every member of our 100+ member team sees solutions and opportunities where other firms see problems; we see human lives where other firms see a case number. We are true believers.

Vested. We are vested in the outcome of every case and in the growth of every team member. We believe it is important to create an atmosphere where each team member can be productive and where they can hone their skills, so they are always learning, growing, and improving. Clients are at the core of every successful firm, and it is important to listen to what they want so we can meet their needs while giving them an incredible customer experience that creates raving fans. That is why employees and our clients and the experience they have working with us are critical to everything we do.

Excellence. We believe each member of the team holds themselves and their teammates accountable so that excellence is always present. We also find that communication and camaraderie in a fast-paced business that has fun and celebrates growth and successes make it a place worth working. And while we are a fun, vibrant team, we also believe in Systems and Key Performance Indicators, so that we know we are always working in a streamlined fashion and driving results. We expect greatness and are willing to help you get there, but we will also be just as honest in our quarterly reviews if you are not reaching the expectations that have been set. We want our team to know if they are getting an A, or if they are falling short and how they can get up to the A+ status. If you don’t thrive on honing your skills and learning new ways, then this likely is not the right job for you. From our Receptionist to our CEO, every person on our team is growing every month.

If anything in this ad made you want to run for the hills, then you really shouldn’t apply. But if you know that you are the best of the best, that you love what you do and you want to be on this mission with us, please apply!

Summary of who we are looking for:

Our Customer Service Associate is a bad-ass human who will join our team within the next 90 days in Phoenix. They are somewhat new to immigration law; still, they understand the importance of serving the immigrant community. They are outgoing and fun-loving; they’re a natural-born leader who is also highly coachable.

Our Customer Service Associate knows that in customer service and leadership, being effective is better than being right. They ask for input but don’t need a lot of day-to-day guidance.

Our Customer Service Associate isn't rattled by doing new things--they understand that they’ll be required to do some removal defense hearings and attend USCIS interviews within 90 days of onboarding—and in fact, they quite enjoy the variety of solving new problems every day. They’ll constantly interface with clients, too. Therefore, they can't be a nervous/high strung person who gets upset with themselves or the situation if they don't quite know every answer before beginning.

Our Customer Service Associate must be able to step into any room and feel comfortable. We serve all kinds of people, find ourselves working with IJs and USCIS Officers of all backgrounds, and therefore we all must have a level of professionalism, confidence, humility, and customer service that's unmatched.

Pay: $85,000-$105,000 salary, DOE. We offer outstanding benefits, including health, dental, eye, 401k, 5 weeks PTO, and more.

Key Skills:

  • Confident and outgoing
  • Coachability
  • Adaptable
  • Life-long learner
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership capability
  • Clear communicator
  • Sales capability
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish a strong plus


  • Licensed to practice law in the United States
  • Be in good standing with the Bar Association
  • Passion for serving the immigrant community (primarily Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants and their families)
  • Strong work ethic and problem solving skills
  • Strong creativity and desire to innovate with new strategies to better serve our clients and to streamline our firm
  • Solid background in providing excellent customer service

If you're eager to join a team where you'll be valued, challenged, and given the ability to do life-changing work, please apply! If you're out of state, we'll assume that you are planning to relocate for the job.